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AVANCHICK new single and project

AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) will release their second maxi-single, To Heart, although the date has not been announced. (By the way, their first single, Maria, was excellent!)

The second track on the new single is Tsumi to Batsu (罪と罰), and AVANCHICK will hold an unprecedented collaboration with Like an Edison, called Gridi×Shout:

Between 2014-08-10 and 2014-09-10, special kiosks will be set up in Like an Edison stores. Fans can go to those stores and record themselves shouting for 2~3 second on those kiosks, and the data will be uploaded to the band's LINE account. From there, the data may be used in the making of the song!

Those who participate in the shouting event will receive a special sticker. Furthermore, the band will hold special shouting seminars at various Like an Edison stores.


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