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AVANCHICK new look

AVANCHICK new look

AVANCHICK have revealed their new look, and should be announcing a new release soon. In the mean time, three small bits of news:

  • The name of their previously-announced coupling tour with Synk;yet is Kodoku to Tsumi (孤独と罪). The tour will kick off on 2015-12-01 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE.

  • Vocalist NOAH will appear as guitarist in a session band on 2015-11-18 (along with Dead Children bassist Ray):

    Dai 1kai MESSIAH Shuukai ~liki BIRTHDAY Tandoku Kouen~

    • liki BIRTHDAY SESSION (莉希-liki-BIRTHDAYセッション) (opening act) 【V. 莉希-liki- [Synk;yet]
    • G. 秦-sin- [Minerva]
    • B. Ray [Dead Children]
    • D. SAKU [VAASTU]】
    • Synk;yet
  • Those who earn a certain amount of points (3,000 yen per point) on the AVANCHICK pointcard will receive a privilege DVD (contents unknown). Other privileges include photos with the band, cheki, etc.



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