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2017-03-08 17:47:00
David support members revealed

David appeared as the opening act at a live today, and hence his support members (at least for now) have been revealed:


2016-10-10 01:33:00
hurts and Lamina revive for one day! Plus Lucifer's lives

Yayy! In celebration of the birthday of Lucifer's underground guitarist Maki (真稀), his previous bands UNDEAD, hurts, and Lamina will hold a one-day revival!


2011-11-27 13:12:00

The 90s visual kei revival live, 輪・廻・転・生 ~A RETURN of “VISUAL MONSTER”~, was held last night, and it seems that it was a success—a second and third part have just been announced!!



2009-09-11 21:38:00
[Archived] Help; I wanna buy a song from under ground music...

I post to this community ASKING FOR HELP.

2009-09-09 09:43:00
[Archived] Get your Matina!

UNDER GROUND MUSIC just put up a ton of Matina artists' releases for purchase, some of which are fairly rare! Bands include AZALEA, DAS:VASSER, DESCRIBE, Distray, Eze:quL, GARDEN, LAYBIAL, Madeth gray'll, Mebius, Remage, サリー (SALLY), and Vice†risk. And they're not just CDs that everyone has; most of them are demotapes. It's pretty cool, so go spend some money on a piece of Matina history!


2008-02-13 15:07:00
[Archived] Kibouya Honpo Last Live DVD's!

Looks like Kibouya Honpo is giving us one last farewell present! It's recently been announced that UNDERCODE PRODUCTION will be selling DVD's of their last two performances (Feb 10/11). More information below!