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2016-07-02 12:01:00
Minus Jin-Say Orchestra to freeze

At today's live, Minus Jin-Say Orchestra announced that they will “freeze.”

2016-03-06 12:47:00
Minor news roundup 3/6

Minor news roundup for 3/6 🤘

2016-02-22 13:59:00
Minor news roundup 2/22

Minor news roundup 2/22:

2016-01-05 12:44:00
THE BLACK SWAN label change and album

THE BLACK SWAN finished their oneman, Judge the Value, today. They made three important announcements:


2015-12-23 12:25:00
Minor news roundup 12/23

Minor news roundup for 2015-12-23:

2015-05-29 01:11:00

ARLEQUIN is appearing in a shit-ton of media lately (including 4 as cover artist!!). Here's a list of all their stuff, plus some other recent appearances by other artists:


2014-12-24 10:12:00
Minor news update 12/24

Here's the latest:

2014-04-12 21:01:00
Yougenkyou -WEST- tracklisting

I've found the tracklisting for the upcoming omnibus Yougenkyou -WEST- (妖幻鏡 -WEST- The Conquest of NANIWA) featuring LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-), Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし), Minus Jin-Say Orchestra (マイナス人生オーケストラ), and more (track order still unconfirmed).


2012-07-03 00:34:00
Thanks for 400 followers!

2012-05-29 13:35:00
ex-Synside updates


2011-05-21 00:16:00
[Archived] Phantasmagoria tribute live 2011

KISAKI just announced that Phantasmagoria tribute live will be held this year! This one, like last year's, will be held in conjunction with VISUNAVI, as part of their SUMMER Masquerade live series. As with previous tribute lives, the participating bands will play Phantasmagoria songs, and a everyone will get together at the end to play 神 歌 (Kamiuta).


2010-12-17 01:20:00
[Archived] Arc's omnibus tracklist announced

The complete tracklist of Arc's omnibus, STAND UP SONIC, has been announced. So in the immortal words of Nicki Minaj, check it out:

2010-11-22 03:16:00
[Archived] Arc's omnibus events

Arc is taking over HOLIDAY OSAKA every Saturday in February! They've announced that they'll be holding weekly sponsored event series called SONIC LINK to celebrate the release of their omnibus STAND UP SONIC.

2010-11-16 04:30:00
[Archived] More details of Arc's omnibus

Some more details I've uncovered~

2010-10-12 11:52:00
[Archived] Arc presents an omnibus

This one's certainly out of the blue: Arc will be producing an omnibus CD to be released through UNDER CODE. The album is apparently supposed to “invigorate” the next generation bands or something. Cool! No word on whether any songs will be new, but here are the artists featured: