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2017-08-20 11:28:02
Lack-co. to release album

Lack-co. has announced their first full album!

2017-03-14 13:52:00
Lack-co. Releases New Music Video

Random Button-kei band Lack-co. has recently released the music video for their upcoming single, "粘着型クレイジーソルト入りクッキー." Unlike their previous featured tracks, this one is pretty...normal?


2016-12-16 16:22:00
LACK-CO. new visual and releases

Lack-co. has revealed their new look and announced some new releases!

2016-11-08 19:25:00
LACK-CO. Samples for 怪しい眼鏡屋さん Released

Lack-co. recently posted a sample video for their upcoming mini-album.

2016-11-08 18:51:00
Minor(?) news roundup 11/8 PART.0.7

Work/life has been 💩💩💩 lately, so here's a roundup of stuff that I haven't posted (probably not “minor,” but I'm not making separate posts for all this shit!).

2016-09-28 00:20:00
KISAKI retires(?) due to scandal [UPDATED]

TLDR: KISAKI was caught in a scandal today, and seems to have abruptly retired as a result... Full details, as I understand them, follow:

2016-09-18 20:12:00
LACK-CO. full PV uploaded

As promised, Lack-co. has uploaded the full PV for their song Iro Megane Shikisai Kaimu, since they were retweeted over 1,000 times.

2016-09-18 19:47:00
KISAKI PROJECT feat.Hitomi will perform!

KISAKI PROJECT feat.Hitomi has just been revealed, and will be the special guest at Lack-co.'s 2016-12-16 sponsored event at Shinjuku (新宿) ReNY!

2016-09-14 15:54:00
LACK-CO. lineup revealed

The homepage countdown has concluded, and more details on SAN's newest band Lack-co. has been revealed!

2016-08-31 20:30:00
New band: Lack-co.

ex-NEGA ~ Black Gene For the Next Scene guitarist SAN has announced his next band: Lack-co. (ラッコ)!