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ARLEQUIN double oneman

ARLEQUIN has announced that they will hold two oneman lives in one day on 2014-12-06 at SHIBUYA REX, in celebration of the birthdays of vocalist 暁-Aki- and Kuruto (來堵)!!

GOEMON RECORDS Presents one-day double-oneman

Aki-birthday-ONEMAN Zenin -Aki- (全員-暁-)

  • 2014-12-06 at SHIBUYA REX (16:00~)
  • Call Me (opening act) / ARLEQUIN (oneman)

※ attendees who try to emulate Aki's hair style will receive a certificate with his message

Kuruto-birthday-ONEMAN ~Sensou wo Shiranai DAMEningentachi~ (~戦争を知らないダメ人間たち~)

  • 2014-12-06 at SHIBUYA REX (19:00~)
  • ARLEQUIN (oneman)

※ the band will be wearing camouflage/military clothes and expect a violent live

  • ※ attendees who wear camouflage clothes will receive a birthday celebration sticker with special message



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