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[Archived] vk flyers for sale!

In the interest of earning money to fund my rather extravagant hobbies, I'm selling off the huge stack of visual kei flyers I managed to gather during my 9 months in Nagoya. Visual kei fans, here's your chance to find something nice to put on your wall!

I have (links to my personal LJ):

Individual Flyers - including lots of Under Code-related stuff like KISAKI PROJECT, Phantasmagoria, NEGA, hurts, VIDOLL, and more! Under Code Packs - a veritable goldmine for Under Code fans!! Random Flyer Packs - request a current UC band and I can probably find it for you! Music Network Gab magazines - I dunno these are just cool?

If you see something you like, please comment on the sales post in my own personal LJ, not here - just to keep things more organized for everyone. Thanks!


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