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[Archived] (Untitled post 2009-05-29)


The stuff

  • Phantasmagoria DVD
  • It's a DVD, from 2006.03.20, featuring the live version of "Material Pain".
  • It's from Jishuban Club, most surely a priviledge when buying something. (It's written "Not For Sale" on it, so that's my best guess)
  • The DVD is in a "soft" case. Picture

Price: 20€

KISAKI Matchboxes x2

  • It's from Kisakis 10 year anniversary (?) events in 2005,
  • the front has a portrait of KISAKI, and on the back there's information about the Events.
  • It's unused, so all matches are still intact and in the box. Front Back

Price: 35€

KISAKI "trading cards" x7

  • Seven different "trading cards" of KISAKI in different styles.
  • They are all black on the back side, with a small "Matina logo", so these are pretty old. Picture(all)

Price: 40€

I'll ship these world wide, just ask and I'll give you an estimated shipping cost.

  • Payment options are Paypal, ordinary banktransfer (if you are able to do that to a swedish banking account), or, at your own risk, cash via envelope. I will take no responsibility for that, though.

All stuff is located in Sweden.



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