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[Archived] UNITED LINK for JAPAN VOL:2 addition

An additional band has been added to the lineup of UNITED LINK for JAPAN VOL:2: リミット (LIMIT). Oh, and by the way, since I didn't mention it in the last post: this second volume is not free like the first event was.

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION sponsored earthquake charity event *UNITED LINK for JAPAN VOL:2- 2011-06-04 at ESAKA MUSE

  • NEGA (main act)
  • REALies (emergency appearance)
  • マイナス人生オーケストラ (MINUS Jinsei ORCHESTRA) (2011-05-05 addition decided)
  • 朱 (SUZAKU)
  • Cu[be]
  • FOWR
  • メルヴェイユ~merveilles~
  • MaRiLL
  • SOL
  • リミット (LIMIT) (addition decided)
  • ドメスティック (DOMESTIC)
  • -sai- (2011-05-06 addition decided)
  • REVINE (2011-05-05 addition decided)
  • プラチャーズ (PLA CH ERS)
  • V. Azu (Jackman); G. 牡葉 (Otoha, Called≠Plan); G. みけ (Mike, Jackman); B. テツヤ (TETSUYA, M); D. ROI (Jackman)
  • Vior
  • V. まひる (Mahiru, ex-GRiST); G. ケイ (KEI, ex-brodiaea); G. みつき (Mitsuki, ex-GRiST); B. シズク (SHIZUKU); D. リョー (RYOO, ex-LAGING)
  • リポビタンでー (LIPOVOTAN D)
  • V. 槐-SAICA- (ex-Ridiot); G. るい (Rui, ex-るかもん (Rukamon)); G. ぎる (Giru, 10万ボルト (10 Man VOLT)); B. AKI (ex-Ridiot); D. (undecided)
  • 変態紳士の超☆絶オナニータイム24時 (Hentai Shinshi no Chou☆zetsu ONANIE TIME 24 Ji) (continuous session)
  • V. Tasuku (ex-Dereal Dolls); G. Hakuyu (ex-Vivid Rose'S); B. Yuno (ex-Vivid Rose'S); D. ka'chan (ex-Black Mary)

Hm, I don't know that band. Do any of you?

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