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[Archived] Raffle prize teaser~

If you saw http://inartistic".livejournal.com 's post HERE we have been discussing a raffle to raise fund to extend the paid subscription of the comm!

  • It was reccomended I post the items that will be given away in this raffle up to gage interest, as it's most likely the raffle won't go ahead if we don't get enough interest ><

I have alot of items up for grabs here some of them quite rare ^__^!

Onto the items!

  • Copy of Cure with a VIDOLL feature (This is signed by Rame ^__^!!)

  • chariots Pumpkin head cover and signed Photoset
  • Phantasmagoria "Kami" armband replica
  • Signed Kari (SIVA) Cheki
  • VIDOLL Calenders (2004 and 2005!)

These items are the main prizes, but there are also several posters, flyers and postcards also included ^_^!



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    • vk_lover 2011-03-15 07:47:49
      NICE ^^ I'll definitely participate in the raffle :)

      NICE ^^ I'll definitely participate in the raffle :)

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