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[Archived] OFFICIAL WEB SHOP updates

The official web shop just put a bunch of items up for sale. First, the photosets:

Remember those special cheki that were to be sold at the 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) anniversary live? They're being sold in the shop now:

  • LIN aloha shirts cheki
  • LIN Cure heart shirts cheki
  • LIN AKB cheki

The official web shop privileges for Cu[be]'s and Vior gloire's upcoming singles have been announced as well. The privilege for buying Cu[be]'s new single from the shop will be a message DVD and an early ship date of 2011-09-01. The privilege for buying Vior gloire's new single from the shop will be a live DVD and an early ship date (the shop says 2011-09-01, but that's a typo since the single will be released before then).

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