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[Archived] Off topic: community housekeeping

Hola guys! This is just a housekeeping post to remind of a few things (so sorry if you've seen this a million times!)

  1. I just renewed the community's paid status, so no more gross ads on posts, and you can post polls, etc. again.

  2. The community has a twitter with exclusive news + random stuff from me: @we_love_ucp.

  3. The community has an RSS feed! (Don't know about you, but I am addicted to feeds.) Just add the feed to whatever reader you use, and you'll get simple summaries of every public post made here. http://under-code.livejournal.com/data/rss/

  4. Fanlistings! I own both the official UNDER CODE fanlisting and the official KISAKI fanlisting.

  5. If you view the community's main page, you'll find links to the shopping guide, the tag list, how to buy WE LOVE UCP shirts, WE LOVE UCP badges, and any other “special features.”

  6. Anyone is allowed to post almost anything. (Links to post an entry are on the main page and the userinfo.) Uploads are fine as long as they are friends locked. Off topic stuff is fine too (“any of you guys like cheese?”), but please tag it as such!

  7. Feel free to contact me for any reason; I will respond! Email is the best method, but I also respond to LJ messages, AIM messages (yuurei JOHNNY), and tweets.
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