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[Archived] †NEWS†

http://phantasmagoria.livejournal.com/ tried to post this, but her account isn't working right now. So here's her post:

Just some quick KISAKI news since that's obviously my specialty, haha.

① It's confirmed that fuuin means kaisan. Phantasmagoria won't be coming back, it seems... the news comes from May's Holiday monthly schedule. I plan on translating the messages from each band member on the label to KISAKI in the near future.

② Furthermore, KISAKI is not quitting his position as president and producer of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. This news also comes from the Holiday monthly schedule.

Some good and some bad. Now to wait for July.

As an afterthought, since this is news, some of you may have noticed that updates have been coming few and far between on my Phantasmagoria fansite. I posted on there about this, and since I haven't said anything lately on here and the member count has climbed, I figure I could ask again...

If any of you want to help me with translations, I really REALLY need the help. I don't want it to sound bigheaded but I need someone as good as or better than me in Japanese because I really need help with translation sometimes! If you have knowledge of (11)/HISKAREA/Mar'derayla, etc, that would be really helpful, too.



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