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[Archived] LIN items on CDJapan

New LIN items are now finally made available on CDJapan.

  • Ambient Cosmo - 1 Song Single recently only live distributed
  • SUMMER Masquerade 2011 - LIVE DVD of the event "SUMMER Masquerade 2011 - Phantasmagoria MEMORIAL TRIBUTE NIGHT -" at Umeda SHANGRILA on August 31st 2011

  • LIN Poster 01
  • LIN Poster 02
  • LIN Poster 03Posters are extremely limited quantity (5 each) get them whilst you can!

  • I don't see the other new releases being posted here so I'll post them anyways.

  • Independent "MAZE" FILM - LIVE DVD of their live at HARAJUKU ASTRO HALL October 8th 2011
  • VALUE-EXCLAIM - B-side collection album + Deep Labylinth (unreleased song)

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