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[Archived] ::J-MUSIC BLOGCREW::

I just had one of those "OMG HOW HAVE I NOT JOINED THIS COMM YET????" moments.

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Anyway, my goal is to fill this blogcrew with almost all j-artists and I've noticed a very large [and somewhat surprising] lack in applications for UNDER CODE artists. WHATS WRONG WIT'CHOOZ???? I really really am hoping that the members of this comm will be able to help! I really am amazed that no one has even requested to be someone from 12012, VIDOLL and Phantasmagoria ....or Ryuuto-chan. X'D

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Blog Crew as of April 20/09:

Want to [join?][1] - Current music: Kirikirimai - ORANGE RANGE - Current mood: hopeful [1]: http://ritsuka182.livejournal.com/16930.html


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