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[Archived] Info on fan project for Megaromania EU tour

Hi guys! The members of the Megaromania street team are now very busy trying to organize some projects to welcome Megaromania warmly when they come to Europe.

  • As you may know already, the fan book project was cancelled due to lack of participation, so we are trying to come up with different alternatives that don't involve so much effort from the fans.


  • We are planning to buy a flower bouquet for the band. However, it's a very expensive thing to buy (~150€), so we will be happy to receive donations that can help us pay for a beautiful one. Any kind of help will be more than welcome. Please contact me via private message or mail me at yggdrasilium@gmail.com if you're interested!


  • At the Paris live (and possibly in the German dates too), a member of the ST will carry a big white cloth in which people at the queue can draw, write messages, etc. We just need your participation while waiting!

Thank you very much!

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