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[Archived] flowers for hurts!

hurts is going to be releasing 2 maxi singles this summer and me and my friend want to put together a little fan book and give it to them with some flowers and some small presents.


  • Our florist will be OHANAYASAN. The same one Flowers For Kannivalism uses, so we know they will get the stuff. ^^
  • We're planning on getting a bouquet of white flowers with 4 red roses in it. One for each of the members ^^ Also we're going to request that they put little bats in the bouquet~ XD haha


  • We're going to buy a 8x8 scrapbook to put the pictures in. All we need is a picture of you and those signs that say "welcome to \____" the blank being where ever you live. We want to show them that they have fans all over the world so really anything that says your city name would be good (eg. picture of a highway turnoff sign, postcard, a building with the city in its name on it) ^o^
  • please make sure the picture is 4x6 just so all the pictures in the book will be the same size ^^; You can also write a short note to go with your picture. just remember that they dont know much english... at all... XD so keep it simple or write it in japanese lol please make your note 4x6 aswell though ^^;
  • pictures can be emailed to me if you dont want to mail it. I'd be glad to print it out for you~ my email is yume.kazaguruma@gmail.com
  • deadline - May 16th


  • so far we only have hina's gift bought. lol its a small wind up pink bunny thats suppose to hop... but really it just looks like its humping the air instead XD lol
  • when we get the other boys preesents i'll update with what they are ^^
  • if you have any good ideas for presents, just let me know~ we're trying to keep it really small and light so shipping isnt toooo expensive >.< lol


  • obviously this is going to cost a bit of money so any donation of money would be really helpfull lol anyone that donates $5 will receive a free hurts flier if they want one lol not much of a prize... but im hoping itll persade some people to help us because im not rich ;o; hahaha

Everything will be sent to them shortly after their single is released in july. Its sort of like a thank you for working so hard present. They'll have released 15 songs in less then a year O.o; plus they play shows all the time. so really, they're really hard working guys \*nods\- their live schedule isnt out yet for july, but once it is I can tell you the exact date they will be recieving the flowers and stuff ^^

any sort of help will be greatly appriciated!! the hardest thing to do with these fan projects is getting people to participate XD lol and with them being so small and unknown... i really want anyone who even likes them just a bit to at least email a picture to add to the book! ^^

any updated information about this will be put up at http://xhurtsx.livejournal.com/ ^o^ so you should go join if you haven't already XD haha

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