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[Archived] Cu[be] and Vior gloire free event

Cu[be] and Vior gloire have announced that they've co-produced a free live event! The event is called U・C・P BLACK BATTLE and will be held on 2011-09-18 at HOLIDAY OSAKA—but it will be limited to 250 attendees only!

A secret guest called リアルライス (RIARURAISU) will appear at the event; this would presumably mean REALies, but the katakana version of their name is actually リアライズ (RIARAIZU)... So REALies might be appearing, but it could also be a different entity entirely (perhaps a session version of the band?). At any rate, here's the full lineup:

Cu[be] and Vior gloire PRODUCED FREE EVENT*U・C・P BLACK BATTLE- 2011-09-18 at HOLIDAY OSAKA

  • Cu[be], Vior gloire, Dali (guest), リアルライス (RIARURAISU) (secret guest), (large session), (surprise guests)

-- Glad to see these bands being active, Cu[be] especially. Now we just need SUZAKU to start doing stuff again... I really hope they get their act together ;(!

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