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[Archived] Contest: KING of UNDER CODE TRIVIA VOL:6

  • Question 6 *What was the name of KISAKI's previous record label?- answer A. Soleil
  • answer B. Matina
  • answer C. Art La'fiesta
  • answer D. L∞p・Ash RECORDS

-- Yesterday's question was which of the following bands never released a CD through UNDER CODE?. The answer was Bergerac: although they appeared at many UNDER CODE events and were featured on the Decadence 2007 HUMAN VICIOUS omnibus, they never released a CD through UNDER CODE.

Mist of Rouge, in collaboration with their own label, released their last CD through UNDER CODE in 2003. cious pi cious, a female soft-rock act (similar to KISAKI PROJECT), released their first CD through UNDER CODE in 2004. And lastly, punk band ANTI-KRANKE released two CDs through the label in 2004. It's important to note that none of those acts were signed to UNDER CODE, but, rather, were helped out with publishing because they were friends with KISAKI. I wish he was still so generous about publishing CDs for cool acts like that~

Here are the scores so far: Here are the scores so far: http://aguchan"; .livejournal.com 1 http://an_hoshi"; .livejournal.com 1 http://arithmetica"; .livejournal.com 4 http://aya_rockz"; .livejournal.com 0 http://bunnyshoxx"; .livejournal.com 2 http://coffee_nosesock"; .livejournal.com 3 http://count_amantis"; .livejournal.com 4 http://deadly_firefly"; .livejournal.com 1 http://fancifury"; .livejournal.com 0 http://gackutolove"; .livejournal.com 3 http://glass_sylph"; .livejournal.com 1 http://gyakutai"; .livejournal.com 2 http://hyura"; .livejournal.com 5 http://ivory\_and\_irony"; .livejournal.com 4 http://jani_kun"; .livejournal.com 1 http://jml139"; .livejournal.com 3 http://justironic"; .livejournal.com 5 http://karilein"; .livejournal.com 4 http://kumagoro666"; .livejournal.com 3 http://loup0"; .livejournal.com 4 http://mind_luster"; .livejournal.com 3 http://miyawaki_kasumi"; .livejournal.com 1 http://moonlight_opera"; .livejournal.com 3 http://necrae_x"; .livejournal.com 5 http://neeez"; .livejournal.com 0 http://nhuie"; .livejournal.com 4 http://nozomi_luv"; .livejournal.com 2 http://nyappy_usagi"; .livejournal.com 0 http://nyoup_satsu"; .livejournal.com 1 http://psycleslut"; .livejournal.com 3 http://raincandies"; .livejournal.com 1 http://ralf_mako"; .livejournal.com 4 http://rebirthreborn"; .livejournal.com 2 http://rei_mitsukai"; .livejournal.com 2 http://reita_camui"; .livejournal.com 3 http://reita_lover"; .livejournal.com 4 http://reno_momo"; .livejournal.com 1 http://rikic"; .livejournal.com 6 http://shinkouchou"; .livejournal.com 5 http://takagackthyde"; .livejournal.com 1 http://tenfiftysix"; .livejournal.com 1 http://teru"; .livejournal.com 2 http://tricen"; .livejournal.com 5 http://vk_lover"; .livejournal.com 1 http://xenjn"; .livejournal.com 1 http://xeroxhands"; .livejournal.com 2 http://xmayaku"; .livejournal.com 0 http://xxgothic_dollxx"; .livejournal.com 4 http://yuukichan84"; .livejournal.com 0

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    • kumagoro666 2011-05-17 09:37:02
      never gonna win with 3 points! lol this is so easy D:

      never gonna win with 3 points! lol this is so easy D:

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