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[Archived] Contest: KING of UNDER CODE TRIVIA VOL:16

  • Question 16 *Which of the following has been a roadie for 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN)?- answer A. Kijin (Ru:natic)
  • answer B. Shigi (Vellga)
  • answer C. Toya (Cu[be])
  • answer D. Kei (Armeria)

-- Yesterday's question was which of MIRAGE's releases was distributed by a major label? The correct answer was /ArcAdiA/, which was released through SOL'FINSTERRE and east west japan.

SOL'FINSTERRE was a sort of proto-label—founded by Free-Will's DYNAMITE TOMMY—that bridged indie and major labels. Many visual kei bands (Soleil and Matina bands, Deshabillz, DIR EN GREY) utilized the label to release CDs through major channels while remaining as indie bands. In this case, MIRAGE used SOL'FINSTERRE to release their CD through east west japan, a division of WARNER MUSIC JAPAN.

・・・Air and DEATH AND REBIRTH were indie releases; both were released through Soleil Matina, and ・・・Air was distributed through Free-Will. “・・・if ~reflect yourselves~” is a Syndrome release.

Here are the scores so far: Here are the scores so far: http://aguchan"; .livejournal.com 2 http://an_hoshi"; .livejournal.com 1 http://arithmetica"; .livejournal.com 6 http://asukayakuza1234"; .livejournal.com 1 http://aya_rockz"; .livejournal.com 1 http://bunnyshoxx"; .livejournal.com 2 http://coffee_nosesock"; .livejournal.com 8 http://count_amantis"; .livejournal.com 9 http://deadfinaljunk"; .livejournal.com 1 http://deadly_firefly"; .livejournal.com 2 http://fancifury"; .livejournal.com 2 http://fictional_dive"; .livejournal.com 2 http://frozen_noble"; .livejournal.com 1 http://gackutolove"; .livejournal.com 5 http://glass_sylph"; .livejournal.com 1 http://gyakutai"; .livejournal.com 9 http://hurme"; .livejournal.com 2 http://hyura"; .livejournal.com 12 http://ivory\_and\_irony"; .livejournal.com 10 http://jani_kun"; .livejournal.com 5 http://jenny7824200202"; .livejournal.com 1 http://jml139"; .livejournal.com 4 http://justironic"; .livejournal.com 7 http://karilein"; .livejournal.com 12 http://kumagoro666"; .livejournal.com 10 http://loup0"; .livejournal.com 6 http://mind_luster"; .livejournal.com 11 http://miyawaki_kasumi"; .livejournal.com 1 http://moonlight_opera"; .livejournal.com 10 http://necrae_x"; .livejournal.com 14 http://neeez"; .livejournal.com 1 http://nhuie"; .livejournal.com 11 http://nozomi_luv"; .livejournal.com 3 http://nullthefixation"; .livejournal.com 1 http://nyappy_usagi"; .livejournal.com 1 http://nyoup_satsu"; .livejournal.com 1 http://papait"; .livejournal.com 2 http://psycleslut"; .livejournal.com 5 http://raincandies"; .livejournal.com 1 http://ralf_mako"; .livejournal.com 10 http://rebirthreborn"; .livejournal.com 4 http://rei_mitsukai"; .livejournal.com 4 http://reita_camui"; .livejournal.com 5 http://reita_lover"; .livejournal.com 8 http://reno_momo"; .livejournal.com 4 http://rikic"; .livejournal.com 13 http://shinkouchou"; .livejournal.com 8 http://takagackthyde"; .livejournal.com 1 http://tenfiftysix"; .livejournal.com 1 http://teru"; .livejournal.com 6 http://tricen"; .livejournal.com 13 http://uglyvkfanxxx69"; .livejournal.com 5 http://vk_lover"; .livejournal.com 5 http://wats_blue"; .livejournal.com 2 http://whitedoors"; .livejournal.com 1 http://xenjn"; .livejournal.com 1 http://xeroxhands"; .livejournal.com 6 http://xmayaku"; .livejournal.com 1 http://xxgothic_dollxx"; .livejournal.com 13 http://yuukichan84"; .livejournal.com 1

-- By the way, yesterday I gave a point to anyone who had 0, and http://uglyvkfanxxx69"; .livejournal.com gets a bonus point for submitting today's question!

Ahhhh, moving day tomorrow! So nervousss.

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    • nhuie 2011-05-31 10:11:40
      1 free point! So generous! Yesterday I had 10 points... 10 has a 0 in it, do I get an extra point too? ^o^ Have fun moving~~

      1 free point! So generous! Yesterday I had 10 points... 10 has a 0 in it, do I get an extra point too? ^o^

      Have fun moving~~

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