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[Archived] Comments on La'Mules disbandment.


Because http://inartistic"; .livejournal.com asked for them and maybe some more poeple are interested I decided to translate the member-comments on La'Mules OHP and post them here.

  • Neither my English nor my Japanese are perfect, so there are propably some humble sentences. Please don't hesitate to correct me!

We will sacrifice everything of La'Mule

  • Since their formation, La'Mule have been recklessly focusing only on moving forward as a band.
  • Actually looking back at that time I think the tough days were propably predominant.
  • But in those tough days, days of suffering, days of sorrow the ones who rescued me more than anyone else were our fans who gave La'Mule their love. For rescuing me at that time I feel gratitude from the bottom of my heart.
  • Sacrificing my everything for the band I also lost a lot.
  • However, each time I felt how much our Fans loved us I was able to take another step forward.
  • Finally, despite our bitter decision to go on indefinite hiatus in 2003 I kept hearing calls of fans who wished for our return, the fact that poeple still loved La'Mule so much made me happy, but it also made me suffer of Regret. Honestly, I had mixed feelings.
  • I myself have entered the stage as Kon of La'Mule again two times, at O-East and Akasaka Blitz. But they were only events and it wasn't the original lineup that everyone knew. .
  • As for Blitz, the songs we could play were so few, I think the extreme bellyache it caused us was inevitable- so we decided to hold a oneman. With the original members Kon, SIN, NAO, ISUKE and YOU-YA.

That those oneman shows on the 5th and 6th of april at shibuya REX will end up being our last performances... that is the result of long discussions between all members.

  • The reason being, due to various personal motives, even if we resumed activities they'd be considerably limited and we can't do these things by half-measures. Much rather than doing it halfways we want to draw a straight line and bring it to an end. That is the final answer we've come to.

After the Shibuya REX shows on April the 5th and 6th 2012 La'Mule will be disbanding.

Let's merge together once more, and make it a live that will remain in our hearts until we die. We will sacrifice everything of La'Mule. So please, just for those two days, sacrifice everything to us and go insane.

Vo. Kon

Disbandment... that word doesn't really have a positive connotation...

  • With those performances on april 5th and 6th La'Mule will switch from activity pause to disbandment.

I think there are many poeple who came to love La'Mule after they went on hiatus and also many old fans who kept waiting for our revival.

Reviving from hiatus, resuming activities halfways... what to do~? ... This time the five of us tried to find a clear solution together and that's the result.

  • So much time passed since then... and now it's just the short period of two days, but the sillouette and sound of those five poeple, sense them with your own eyes and ears.
  • Then please carve them into your heart.

We will do the same.

Personally, this is my first live after quite a long time but I feel no anxiety or anything.

I wait expectantly for the day we all meet again.


With their 2 days live on April 5th and 6th La'Mule will be disbanding.

Taking each members respective thoughts and personal situation into account this is the result we came to.

Deep inside, after our live on August 29th 2003 even though we used a different word, I believed it was the same as disbanding...

  • Various people invited me into new bands and sent me introductions but due to my mental condition at that time I turned them all down. For a long time I lived a life in which I completely refused music itself, not to speak of touching a guitar.

Some day at the time animesongs became popular among my friends they convinced me to listen to a track. something like"Come to think of it, didn't you mention that you used to play in a band?" came up. Starting from that occasion, even though it was little by little I started to remember the joy of music and how I had once devoted my whole life to it.

  • Even though refusing music left five years of blank space in my life all feelings of rejection were gone. Instead I was more like "because this song is good I want to copy the guitar-part" and so on. There was something incredibly nostalgic like the feeling of holding a guitar in my hand for the first time and yet it changed into a new mysterious sensation.

After this I started to casually listen to music like I used to, which led to being able to play guitar again.

Then recently, I received the invitation to that revival-event at Akasaka BLITZ and in the same lines the upcoming performances on april 5th and 6th were decided which now turn out to be our last ones.

Frankly speaking, as someone who once threw away music completely I'm insecure as to what extent my current self is ready for this step.

  • To the other members that I needed until the very end, all the poeple who support me and even though it's been almost 10 years, to all Lamukko who's sight has been carved into my eyes across the stage of that August 29th forever: In my life there are too many things I have to burden, therefore I promise that during these two days I'm going to enjoy myself to the fullest with everybody in the hall for one last time.

And even when 2012/4/5 and 6 have passed I'm sure SIN, ISUKE and NAO will continue playing this melody, YOU-YA will continue beating the rythm and Kon will continue singing this song.

  • Inside of everyone who knew La'Mule and in your heart they will continue playing forever.


Since 2003 a long time without activities had passed when La'Mule had their revival in November of last year. Yet, while discussing our future plans with all members we reached the conclusion that being able to do something worthy is unimaginable as long as we have to restrict our activities due to individual reasons.

  • We decided that after our oneman 2days at Shibuya REX in April 2012 La'Mule will be disbanding.

La'Mule had their first live in January 1996. That live also happened to be the first time I stood on stage myself and having performed with all my might from then on until we paused activites my emotional attachement got really strong. So strong I had been looking forward to the time of our complete revival no matter what kind of sound we'd produce and now I feel so incredibly disappointed (about our decision). However, we only made that decision because the band called "La'Mule" is still very important to all of us.

Doing this to all our fans even though we made them wait for such a long time is truly inexcusable.

You never stopped supporting us and yet we end up disbanding. I'm so sorry.

We decided that from now on each member will go his own way without that frame called "La'Mule" around him.

  • Kon and YOU-YA are already active in NightingeiL and NUMBER MOUSE.
  • And because I think that SIN, NAO and in the end myself may be up to some sort of activity as well, please remember us.

Everything that has a beginning has an end.

  • Every end is the beginning of something new.
  • I'm sure the day will come where we meet again.

I was really glad I could play in this band called "La'Mule"

To everyone who supported La'Mule for such a long time, thank you very much.


Recently after being on hiatus since 2003 La'Mule decided to resume activities and participated in an event at Akasaka BLITZ. Then a 2 days oneman-performance in april was announced. However, resulting from discussion putting each members personal motives together it turned out that we'd have to restrict our actions considerably and because we think resuming activities by half measures is an insult to all the fans instead we should rather...

We decided to make a cut after these oneman-shows and disband.

To all our fans who have been waiting for us since such a long time, thank you very much.




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