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Alter-ego release from Dali

Dali has announced that their recently-introduced alter-ego band Mis†ake will release its first CD-R.

The CD-R―which is supposedly a 3rd pressing of Mis†ake's demotape―will be freely distributed to those who attend Dali's October 10th five-hour-long oneman live, ダリコレ2012 finale OSAKA (きかくもの) (/Dali/ COLLE 2012 finale OSAKA (Kikakumono)). (By the way, Dali is now calling this “oneman live” (ワンマンライブ) a “wonton live” (ワンタンライブ), hahaha.). Mis†ake will also be the opening act at the live, and their PV will be played via projection at some point during the show.

By the way, since the last post I made about this, I've figured out the actual lineup of Mis†ake. Apparently, ex-Dali guitarist SAKI (サキ) is the 5th member?!

  • Voice - ソドム (SODOM) [Ren]

  • Guitar - 无印印 (Mujirushijirushi) [KEETO]

  • Guitar - 血飞沫飞沫 (Chishibukishibuki) [SAKI (ex-Dali)]

  • Bass - 弥琴 (Mikoto) [YUU]

  • Drums - 迷宫 (Mayomiya) [Shunna]



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