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New band: MOB

ex-Aliene Maφriage~Dead Children guitarist MAST has founded a new band: MOB.

As you can see, it's basically a continuation of Louder/VABEL, with the exception of CHIHIRO (does anyone know what he's from?). MOB's music is similar to those earlier bands, as you can hear from the lyric PV for their song KILL ME WONDERLAND:

At any rate, MOB will hold their first live on 2017-09-26 at SHIBUYA REX, at which they'll freely distribute a CD single of KILL ME WONDERLAND.

It's kind of surprising that these guys keep getting together, since they don't seem to get very popular, but good luck anyway!

DEVIL KITTY member's illness and cancellations

DEVIL KITTY guitarist Akina has been ordered to two weeks of bed rest following the discovery that he had suffered a stroke.

Akina, who just joined the band in June, was hospitalized on August 11th for poor health, whereupon the doctor discovered and diagnosed the stroke. The severity of his condition is unclear at this time.

As such, DEVIL KITTY has announced that their August 29th PV-shooting live has be cancelled, as has the entirety of their November sponsored event tour, Akuma no Aibu ni Tenchuu wo (悪魔の愛撫に天誅を).

Any other planned lives will be carried with 4 members, and anything in December or later (e.g. their oneman live, JUSTICE) is yet undecided, and will depend on Akina's health.

Furthermore, Sabaki no Akuma (裁きの悪魔), their “rebirth 1st single” planned for November, has been postponed.

First of all, my thoughts go to Akina and I hope that he recovers quickly and with no lasting damage.

That being said... it's always a bit suspicious any time a Yuuga (優雅) band “postpones” something. And I just find it... interesting that only the band's activities dealing with White Side Group/FORUM--their new label since “rebirthing” as DEVIL KITTY back in June; the same label that houses MEJIBRAY--have been cancelled/postponed.

But I'll refrain from throwing accusations around just yet. Hopefully Akina recovers soon and the band can get everything back on track.

Site update 8/12

Just want to go over some of the updates that have been made around here since the site refresh:


Several changes have been made to the image system here. First, there's automatic compressing and resizing in place, which should make certain pages load much faster and save everyone some bandwidth.

Second, users who upload images now have the option of marking them “weloveucp.com exclusive.” This is for situations when a user has purchased a release/photo and scanned it themselves, with the sole intention of uploading it to this site. When an image is marked “exclusive,” the full size version is given a small watermark in the lower right corner, and is available only in jpg quality. The unedited file is still retained, and is visible to those who have VIP accounts.

I think this is the best way to get some credit for the many images on this site which were expensive to obtain, and to avoid serving huge 10mb png images to someone who doesn't care that much. That said, I'm still open to suggestions/improvements. (All images also have a “credit” field now, but I haven't coded a way for it to display yet.)


  • The full member list is back up, and is now filterable.
  • Member profiles are back up--e.g. inartistic--and the “collection” section should load much more quickly than in the past. Also, the completely made-up and irrelevant “rareness quotient” is back \:D/
  • Member profiles (well, only mine so far) now have a “looking for” box in the collection section... See the next section of this post.

More updates to come regarding user accounts.


  • Ever since the last update, bands' discographies have been filterable and sortable.
  • Releases can be “collected” again. If you're signed in, just click the “I own this” button, and that release will show up on your user profile under the “collection” section.
  • You can also now mark a release as “wanted.” This is for releases that you want--whether that means you're looking for a copy to buy, or whatever. Releases that you mark as “wanted” will show up in the “looking for” section of your user profile.
  • Each release now displays a list of people who “want” it. So if you have a copy of a release to sell, it might be beneficial to check that release's page :0

This is my idea of fun #sad


  • There's now an “artist of the day” feature on the main page. It's completely random, so be sure to tune in every day(???).
  • Lots of bug squishing & various refinement, thanks to reports from several awesome users.

NightingeiL oneman, new member

NightingeiL continues to “rebuild”, with the addition of a new member.

The band held their “RebuilD” sponsored event, Night Humanist:Re, on 2017-07-27 at Ikebukuro (池袋) BlackHole, where they made an important announcement: they'll hold a oneman, Tarenagashita Kioku (垂れ流した記憶), on 2017-11-01 at Shibuya (渋谷) REX.

Yesterday, they made another important announcement: ex-La'Mule~CELL guitarist NAO has officially joined! (It seems that even the members were surprised by the news, as NAO decided to join only 30 minutes after being asked!)

By the way, it seems that NightingeiL is signed to SPARK, the label that was created by CELL. At any rate, it's great to see their revival picking up steam.

AVANCHICK last lives: details revealed

AVANCHICK has announced the details of some of their final live events.

2017-09-07 at Shinjuku (新宿) club SCIENCE

AVANCHICK Zenkyoku ONEMAN (Zenhan) (アヴァンチック全曲ワンマン(前半))

AVANCHICK (oneman)

* half of all AVANCHICK's songs will be played

2017-09-08 at Shinjuku (新宿) club SCIENCE

AVANCHICK Zenkyoku ONEMAN (Kouhan) (アヴァンチック全曲ワンマン(後半))

AVANCHICK (oneman)

* remaining half of all AVANCHICK's songs will be played

2017-09-20 at Shinjuku (新宿) club SCIENCE

AVANCHICK LAST Shusai (アヴァンチックLAST主催)

AVANCHICK / NOAH session / REI (レイ) session / Otake (おたけ) session / 篝-kagari- session / Hyu-ga session

2017-10-06 at Shinjuku (新宿) ReNY

AVANCHICK Kaisan ONEMAN LIVE 「Moumoku Shoujo」 (アヴァンチック解散ワンマンライブ「盲目少女」)

【first part】 AVANCHICK (rehearsal) / 【second part】 AVANCHICK (oneman)

* Those who purchase S tickets (8,000 yen) will be allowed to view the first and second parts, while those who purchase A tickets (5,000 yen) or B tickets (4,000 yen) will only get to attend the second part.

* A comment/unreleased footage DVD will be freely distributed to those who purchase S or A tickets.

ARLEQUIN's puzzle samples

ARLEQUIN has uploaded samples from their upcoming single, [puzzle]! They've also revealed the hideous cover art 😉


  1. puzzle
  2. BURN
  3. puzzle (MUSIC CLIP)


  1. puzzle
  2. BURN
  3. Higame

New band: RENAME

Three members of MASKED RIDER SYSTEM have returned in a new band: RENAME!

The band officially formed on July 30th, but they haven't announced any lives or releases yet. (And btw, despite them having almost the same lineup as MRS, and despite them literally just renaming MRS' Twitter account and continuing to use it, and despite their name literally being “rename,” RENAME is officially a different band--not a renamed version of MRS.)

weloveucp.com back online

Hi everyone 👋 Just wanted to give a brief update on the status of weloveucp.com.

First, apologies for my absence this summer. I'd planned to take a month off from updating news (etc) while I worked on this new version of weloveucp.com. Unfortunately, life stuff happened, and “1 month” turned into “several.” (Thank you so much to those who kept posting news and updating artists, especially Seraphim and sheepprincessgara.) That said, the new version of weloveucp.com is now up, and the posting of news should return to its normal frequency.

I hope that casual visitors will find the new version cleaner and easier to navigate, and that they will find it easier to discover info that was previously hidden in the weloveucp.com database. And for those of you who update the database, I hope you'll find the add/edit pages to be more consistent and easier to operate. I've also updated security across the board on the backend, so members' information is even more secure.

Boring stuff, for those interested:

Due to a forced last-minute server change, the most recent updates to the database are temporarily missing. The data is safe, but I'll have to manually re-import it.

I've also decided to temporarily turn off most “user functions” to make sure they play nice with the new server. So for now, existing members can sign in, but new registrations are closed, profiles are empty, release collections have been frozen, and other account features are turned off. Again, all data is safe, and these will be back up in the next week or so.

Here's my current roadmap for getting everything back up:

  1. Re-import missing data into the database.
  2. Get user functions back online.
  3. Upgrade the VIP section, which is currently running in a bare-bones mode. (Btw, I'll be posting several VIP entries in the next few days, so please check back!)
  4. Add documentation to “update” pages. (Main changes: in musicians' band history, you can use /artist/ notation, and markup is now allowed in all posts/comments.)

As always, please let me know of any bugs you encounter--with the behind-the-scenes update being so large, I expect plenty. (Btw, I already know of the issue with blank squares appearing beside certain links--will fix tonight.) Also, for those of you who update the database, please let me know of anything that might make it easier for you--I can't promise that everything's within my ability, but I'll do my best!

Caveats aside, I hope that the new version is an improvement overall. Thanks everyone for your patience, and please continue to bear with me!

Sami (ex-CindyKate) passes away...

According to SHIBUYA-REX booking manager Yuya (裕也), Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate ~ FOODED SEAL) passed away on 2017-07-18.

Yuya's tweet states that Sami passed after an accident accidental drowning (Edit: no clue where I got drowning from. My mistake.). A wake and funeral for his family and friends has already been held.

Sami (沙美) was most well known for his stint as CindyKate's drummer, but he was a multi-talented musician who also sang and played guitar/bass. He acted as a support musician for tons of bands and sessions over the years, and was set to act as support drummer for session band FLAMINGO (フラミンゴ) on August 30.


Marco's "Seizonnoshirushi" samples released + 2 members will depart

Samples of Marco's latest mini-album, "Seizonnoshirushi" have been released!

As mentioned before, Marco will hold a short tour in commemoration of the mini-album's release. However, on July 25, it was suddenly announced that guitarist Rutta and drummer Kyouhei have requested to leave the band after their tour final oneman on September 10. Both members have cited family reasons as the reason for their departure, so they're also in fact retiring from music altogether. As a result, they will also be terminated from their label contracts.

Fortunately, the soon-to-be remaining members have clarified that they will continue activities. Of course it's too early to estimate if they'll have eventual replacements or continue on as a three-man band. Here's to wishing them all the best going forward~🍻