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2017-11-13 22:44:44 suji
David's birthday live to unveil a box of surprises~

Only a day after the long-anticipated revival of Megaromania, Sui didn't hesitate to announce his next birthday live, which also marks the 1st anniversary of David.

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2017-11-13 13:44:49 suji
Megaromania revives + 2018 activities?!

The blessed day has arrived as Megaromania performed together for the first time in 4 years!

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2017-10-18 23:31:03 inartistic
THE BLACK SWAN will disband

THE BLACK SWAN will disband in May.

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2017-10-13 11:03:17 inartistic
MIRAGE event: lineup additions, new music

KISAKI has announced several updates to the Matina and MIRAGE memorial event!

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2017-10-12 10:03:27 Seraphim
POIDOL RuVealed + 0st Single

POIDOL has finally been revealed!

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2017-10-11 13:45:12 suji
David's "Requiemage" samples released + live date added

With only a month away until the release of David's first single, Requiemage, the sample trailer has been released - on Twitter.

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2017-10-11 13:31:48 suji
David's "Wizard Store -Global-" opens to overseas customers!

Good news for us dirty gaijins - after opening their official webshop a month ago, David will expand its activities overseas! Wizard Store -Global- has been opened for business on October 8. Here's the basic rundown of the shop:

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2017-10-11 11:30:58 Seraphim
Samples of D's New Mini-album are Out

As reported a bit earlier this month, D are releasing a new dragon-themed mini-album at the end of October. They have updated their OHP with some samples for each of the songs, as well as released the music video for the title track.

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2017-10-10 12:50:02 inartistic
chariots member change, activity pause, and pseudonym

chariots will pause activities on November 23.

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2017-10-08 12:33:58 Seraphim
Ashley (アシュリー) are Disbanding

Ashley announced on twitter earlier this morning that they will be disbanding after their last live on December 8th.

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