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Syndrome - Core Special BOX
Core Special BOX
Release date
3,500 yen
box set
Sales venue
mail-order only
Press limitation
not for sale
Third Stage
Third Stage


CORE Special BOX Bonus Disc
1. comment
2. Yumeutsutsu Instrumental
3. comment
4. Wakare~Wakare~ Instrumental
5. comment
CORE ~Hakuchuumu~ ~Kuyautsutsu~
1. Personal file
2. photography
3. Syndrome Dainishou Live History
4. offshot photography
5. trading card list


  • This is a special box set, produced in a collaboration between Matina and 【kapparecords】, that could be obtained by mailing proof-of-purchase application coupons from both types of the CORE mini-albums, along with 3,500 yen, to Third Stage. It features a special box that contains a special booklet, a message/instrumental 8cm CD, 5 random trading cards (of 8 possible), and space to hold both types of CORE. Applications were accepted until 2002-05-10, and the box was mailed out sometime in June 2002.

  • Third Stage sold a special set of this box, plus both versions of CORE included, for 8,000 yen (a minor savings of 700 yen). That set was limited to 200 copies.

  • Later, Third Stage began selling the trading cards separately. A pack of 5 random trading cards (of 8 possible) cost 525 yen. Presumably this was so fans could complete their trading card sets without having to purchase the box multiple times. Third Stage also later sold a special set of just the booklet, 5-pack of trading cards, and bonus disc. However, that set's bonus disc was the “complete version,” which featured a longer comment.


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