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is “2001”
  1. ANTI-KRANKE    Inshouha no Kizuguchi
  2. S    Pretty Pets
  3. (omnibus)    GURUGURU COMMENT CD 2001
  4. (omnibus)    Soleil Face of Soleil 2000nen Natsu
  5. La'Mule    Sweet enemy DT
  6. La'Mule    sweet enemy/Climax
  7. MARRY+AN+BLOOD    Dearest of Darkness
  8. Syndrome    「Usagi to Hitsuji」
  9. Syndrome    SLEPT DOLL
  10. (omnibus)    PRELUDE:2 ~en effort of resalt~
  11. Madeth gray'll    「Madeth gray'll~Higeki NO Shuumaku」
  12. Lubis Cadir    season ~2001a-mix~ Tentouhanbai Genteiban
  13. Lubis Cadir    season ~2001a-mix~ Tsuushinhanbai Genteiban
  14. Lubis Cadir    season ~2001a-mix~ Kaijouhanbai Genteiban
  15. KISAKI    a basement Melody...
  16. Syndrome    「Shoukougun」 -FILM:Ⅱ-
  17. La'Mule    CLIMAX
  18. Alc(α)dia    2 Stands Heaven
  19. Syndrome    Nostalgia
  22. GYARANDU    Omae ni CHECK★IN
  23. Mist of Rouge    crystal snow
  24. GARDEN    escalier en escargot ~Mitsu~
  25. Ash    「Hankouki,,,」
  26. Ash    「,,,Hatsujouki」
  27. DAS:VASSER    「un_dead children」
  28. vellaDonna    「Sasshou Kanketsu」 Mission Complete
  29. (omnibus)    GURUGURU COMMENT CD 2001 Tsuika PRESS
  30. La'Mule    Sweet enemy Kaijou Gentei
  31. Syndrome    De≠Light
  32. Aliene Maφriage    21st Century
  33. ANTI-KRANKE    Yukaue Shinsui ELEKTEL
  35. Lubis Cadir    season ~2001a-mix~
  36. AGITO    「Jakyou」
  37. EzeːquL    Keiyaku no In・・・ Tangan no Sho
  38. GARDEN    escalier en escargot ~Doku~
  39. Mëbius    HYSTERICAL na Chuudokushou to ROMANTIC na Mousouheki
  40. (omnibus)    PRELUDE:3 ~en effort of resalt~ -FILM-
  41. Ash    ~Aleph~
  42. (omnibus)    RESET Vol.1
  43. allure idea    AME NO DEKIGOTO・・・
  44. -I's-    Mirai no Tobira
  45. EzeːquL    Keiyaku no In・・・ Aigan no Sho
  46. GARDEN    escalier en escargot ~Wa~
  47. La'Mule    Sweet enemy
  48. Earl Grey    Marchentic Paradox
  49. Zephyr    Hatsujouki
  50. La'Mule    memory of flow
  52. Kar'MariA    Reset
  53. death+qpid    HAUNTED HOSPITAL
  54. death+qpid    RETRO MUSEUM
  55. Syndrome    「Shoukougun」 -FILM:Ⅲ-
  57. RYOUKITANTEISHA MACARONI    「Eiyoushicchou no Bokki」 ~Boku ga Rabu ni Izonsuru Riyuu~
  58. Madeth gray'll    Madeth gray'll Last Live Video
  59. Syndrome    “・・・if ~reflect yourselves~”
  60. Veill    Kagoniwa
  61. Ash    「Parade」 ~PARADE~
  62. Birushana    Boku to KIMI to・・・
  63. Quarry    a fault
  65. Syndrome    DEARS...
  66. Rentrer en Soi    Hatsumari no Namida no Oto ga Kaze ni Kesareru Yoru Ni...
  67. (omnibus)    B.J.maniac
  68. (omnibus)    THROUGH ALL ETERNITY
  69. Deadly Sanctuary    HOMESICK CHILD
  70. yura    EXISTENCE
  71. SALLY    Wakusei THERAPY
  72. Earl Grey    Marchentic Paradox 2nd PRESS
  73. Mist of Rouge    「REPLICA」
  74. (omnibus)    ATSURYOKU SENMETSU
  75. ANTI-KRANKE    alien-murder-gunshot-lifework Genteiban
  76. Birushana    Yakusoku
  77. La'Mule    sola~sola~
  78. La'Mule    Ichinichi no Kodoku Hyakunen no Kodoku
  79. Kilah    Jihei-teki Izon Shoukougun
  80. RYOUKITANTEISHA MACARONI    Jintaimokei no Yoru
  81. Syndrome    「Shoukougun:Ⅳ」 -Completion ××× First Episode-
  82. Syndrome    「Shoukougun」 -FILM:Ⅳ- Completion ××× First Episode
  83. Quarry    「S≠M」
  84. ANTI-KRANKE    alien-murder-gunshot-lifework
  85. Aliene Maφriage    La Matinée
  86. KARMA=SHENJING    Misty Ray
  87. Deadly Sanctuary    CHANNEL Mousou????? (cancelled)
  88. Deadly Sanctuary    Jakouneko
  89. Rentrer en Soi    Hatsumari no Namida no Oto ga Kaze ni Kesareru Yoru Ni... 2nd Press
  90. S    Fukkatsu Nippon Seinenkan
  91. S    Fukkatsu Nippon Seinenkan 2001.5.27
  92. (omnibus)    One Night STORMY
  93. Mist of Rouge    「TRICK」
  94. GARDEN    After・・・
  95. Kar'MariA    Reset 2nd Press
  96. death+qpid    (unannounced title) (※cancelled)
  97. (omnibus)    AFTER TRICK
  98. (omnibus)    CAST a DICE
  99. (omnibus)    Shock Edge 2001
  100. S    Ichi Nensei
  101. Kar'MariA    Untitled
  102. Kar'MariA    Untitled
  103. Kar'MariA    Maria
  104. Ash    AV/NORMAL
  105. ArcAdiA    Saigo no Yoru
  106. MERRY    Muryō Haifu MD
  107. Lubis Cadir    Kiseki
  108. (omnibus)    CROSS GATE 2001 -Memorial Radio Disc- vol.1 ~Matina radio disc~
  109. KARMA=SHENJING    Seishin Yuugou -Zero-
  110. Mëbius    Jigyaku-sei Kansen VIRUS
  111. (omnibus)    CROSS GATE 2001 -Memorial Radio Disc- vol.2 ~Donuts Record West radio disc~
  112. La'miss fairy    Virgin
  113. (omnibus)    CROSS GATE 2001 -Memorial Radio Disc- vol.3 ~Loop Ash Records radio disc~
  114. (omnibus)    CROSS GATE 2001 -Memorial Radio Disc- vol.4 ~Matina radio disc~
  115. (omnibus)    CROSS GATE 2001 -Memorial Radio Disc- vol.5 ~Donuts Record West radio disc~
  116. allure idea    MiTEmiNUFURI/Yuki no Yakusoku
  117. Mist of Rouge    「Chikashitsu」
  118. Syndrome    「Sonzai Riyuu」 ~raison d'être~
  119. Mist of Rouge    Kusee! PIGYAA
  120. (omnibus)    CROSS GATE 2001 -Memorial Radio Disc- vol.6 ~Loop Ash Records radio disc~
  121. Earl Grey    GEEKS
  122. La'Mule    tour CLIMAX, DEFINITIVE
  123. Quarry    (unknown title) (※ cancelled?)
  124. (omnibus)    CROSS GATE 2001 -Memorial Radio Disc- vol.8 ~Matina radio disc~
  125. Ash    2nd Oneman Show 「Muryou Maruhi VIDEO」 “Gorippa”
  126. Mist of Rouge    Symphonic Colors
  127. Earl Grey    Misshitsu Hakuchuumu
  128. Mëbius    「Shuudan Kouhai」
  129. (omnibus)    CROSS GATE 2001 -Memorial Radio Disc- vol.7
  130. (omnibus)    CROSS GATE 2001 -Memorial Radio Disc- Special BOX
  131. yura    EVE OF THE REVOLUTiON
  132. La'Mule    RAN
  133. Rentrer en Soi    Special X'mas Tape
  134. La'Mule    D dear
  135. (omnibus)    LOVE CENTURY PUB 2002

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