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Found 19 releases matching the following criteria:

is “1998-10”
  1. ANTI-KRANKE    Kotsuzui PUNK/NOISE TERO no Hitsuzensei/Kairo Bakuhatsu
  2. DAS:VASSER    Ka moku
  3. (omnibus)    LIGHTNING & THUNDER
  4. DlociA    COLLECTIONS №3 Bonjour ~BONJOUR~ Tsuujouban
  5. DlociA    COLLECTIONS №3 Bonjour ~BONJOUR~ Shokai Genteiban
  6. vellaDonna    COMMIT SUICIDE (cancelled)
  7. vellaDonna    FERMATA no FERMAT
  8. Lagna    「Tear」
  9. MIRAGE    GRAVE~Koe NO Nemuri~
  10. DAS:VASSER    「Seigyoku-SAPPHIRE-」
  11. Lagna    PIERROT 1998.10.17 Shinsaibashi NEST SALOON
  12. Lumi/Ere    Tsukiyo no Sangeki
  13. Lumi/Ere    Doukeshi no Tobira
  14. JE*REVIENS    Ne'phesh
  16. Remage    Half Moon no Kaigigesshoku
  17. La'Mule    inspire
  18. (omnibus)    BreakOut Matsuri '98 Sapporo 1998.8.3 Sapporo FACTORY HALL
  19. (omnibus)    ~Approach~ Shikkoku ⅲ

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