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is “digital”
  1. KISAKI PROJECT feat. Jui    KISAKI PROJECT feat. Jui
  3. Phantasmagoria    Phantasmagoria
  4. KISAKI    Solitude Songs
  5. Megaromania    Single of Megaromania
  6. SIVA    Special Album Vol.1
  7. Dali    History Songs episode.1
  8. KISAKI PROJECT feat. Jui    「Kaikoroku -Kanzenban-」
  9. D    Rasenjou
  10. VIDOLL    Esoteric Romance digital
  11. VIDOLL    Monad iTunes ban
  12. (omnibus)    VISUAL☆INVASION Vol.1 VISUAL X'mas BALLAD
  13. (omnibus)    VISUAL☆INVASION Vol.2 VISUAL X'mas ROCK
  14. (omnibus)    VISUAL☆INVASION Vol.3 2012 Visual New Comer
  15. (omnibus)    VISUAL☆INVASION Vol.4 Jukensei LAST SPURT! Numukezamashi ni Kageki BEAT
  16. (omnibus)    VISUAL☆INVASION Vol.5 VISUAL BAKA TECH ・ GUITAR Tokushuu
  17. (omnibus)    VISUAL☆INVASION Vol.6 VISUAL BAKA TECH ・ DRUM Tokushuu
  18. Sami    Rain falling on the petals
  19. Sami    Shitauchi
  20. Sami    Shiranami ni Beer
  21. Sami    Deep Kiss
  22. Sami    Zettaikun ga Hoshikute!
  23. Sami    Natsumikan
  24. Sami    HABANERO
  25. chariots    Greatest Hits of chariots Original Karaoke -coupling track version-
  26. chariots    Greatest Hits of chariots Original Karaoke -title track version-
  27. Sami    King of August
  28. Sami    Vuo ※Cancelled
  29. Sami    BANIKU~Basashi ni Sarete~ ※Cancelled
  30. Sami    Wasurenai Ame no Omoide ※Cancelled
  31. Sami    DaiTORO ※Cancelled
  32. Sami    BLING STARS ※Cancelled
  33. Sami    TOBACCO Kotoba META ※Cancelled
  34. Sami    Jobyou ※Cancelled
  35. Sami    Yakusoku ※Cancelled
  36. Sami    Let's go to Next! ※Cancelled
  37. More    Kohaku
  38. Insanity Injection    SENSE OF ASH
  39. Insanity Injection    The Baptist
  40. Lilith    Arcadia
  41. Affective Synergy    In the Dawn
  42. Lilith    Lilith Live Selection
  43. Lilith    Banryuubuhou-Dragon Heir- Haishinban
  44. Affective Synergy    Shiawasena Sekai
  45. Affective Synergy    monologue
  46. Affective Synergy    Hakanasa to Kyouki ni Maichiru Hanabira

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