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Found 13 releases matching the following criteria:

is “book + CD”
  1. (omnibus)    Matina image TYPE.A
  2. (omnibus)    Matina image TYPE.B
  3. VIDOLL    Bijin Kakumei
  4. KISAKI    「a basement Melody Ⅱ...」
  6. KALEN    emotional graduation
  7. Phantasmagoria    Re:Make a Individuality (Cancelled)
  8. Phantasmagoria    Hebiichigo“picture”FILM (Cancelled)
  9. Phantasmagoria    KISAKI CHRONICLE~eien'naru gen'ei no kanzen kiroku~
  10. VIDOLL    Eve Shokai Genteiban B
  11. Phantasmagoria    Phantasmagoria SHOCK WAVE in Osakajou Nooto 2008.08.30 Osakajou Yagaiongakudou Shinki~forbidden -INSANITY of the UNDERWORLD-~ 2008.08.31 SHIBUYA-AX Fukkoku
  12. Black Gene For the Next Scene    Dance to Rave ~Nounai SHAKEna songtachi~ Shokaigentaiban:Btype
  13. Mis†ake    Marugoto Mis†ake Shikkoku NO Ankokuhon

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