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Found 22 releases matching the following criteria:

is “Eternal”
  1. Kar'MariA    Reset
  2. death+qpid    HAUNTED HOSPITAL
  3. death+qpid    RETRO MUSEUM
  4. Deadly Sanctuary    HOMESICK CHILD
  5. Kilah    Jihei-teki Izon Shoukougun
  6. Deadly Sanctuary    Jakouneko
  7. Kar'MariA    Reset 2nd Press
  8. death+qpid    (unannounced title) (※cancelled)
  9. Kar'MariA    Untitled
  10. Kar'MariA    Untitled
  11. Kar'MariA    Maria
  12. La'miss fairy    Virgin
  13. Earl Grey    GEEKS
  14. Earl Grey    Misshitsu Hakuchuumu
  15. Kilah    Mousou FEMINIST
  16. La'miss fairy    2002.3.9 Meguro ROCKMAYKAN Shusai EVENT “Akai Bara no Ira” -Virgin-
  17. La'miss fairy    2002.3.10 Meguro ROCKMAYKAN Shusai EVENT “Akai Bara no Ira” -GLASS Zaiku no KIMI to Boku no Koe-
  18. La'miss fairy    「GLASS Zaiku no Virgin」
  20. Earl Grey    Untitled
  21. (omnibus)    Barrier Crash (※cancelled)
  22. (omnibus)    KALEIDOSCOPE

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