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Release date2014-03-09
    Artist (アーティスト) SchwarzVrain
    Album title (タイトル) 「SchwarzVrain」 2013.12.25 OSAKA MUSE
    Release date2014-03-09
      Tracklisting (収録曲)
      Track number Artist Song title
      1. SchwarzVrain Pixy false (Phantasmagoria cover)
      2. SchwarzVrain The Psalms and Lamentations (LIN cover)
      3. SchwarzVrain Unknow zero distance (Phantasmagoria)
      4. SchwarzVrain Shoukei Hatan Sekai (La:Sadie's cover)
      憧憬破綻世界 (La:Sadie's cover)
      5. SchwarzVrain Sayoshigure (Syndrome cover)
      小夜時雨 (Syndrome cover)
      6. SchwarzVrain ...Air (MIRAGE cover)
      7. SchwarzVrain Wasurenagusa (KISAKI cover)
      勿忘草 (KISAKI cover)
      8. SchwarzVrain Yumeutsutsu (Syndrome cover)
      夢現 (Syndrome cover)
      9. SchwarzVrain Hyakka Ryouran (MIRAGE cover)
      百花繚乱 (MIRAGE cover)
      10. SchwarzVrain Freedom (LIN cover)
      11. SchwarzVrain NEO ARK (Phantasmagoria cover)
      12. SchwarzVrain Michishirube (KISAKI PROJECT cover)
      道標 (KISAKI PROJECT cover)
      13. SchwarzVrain Foolish (LIN cover)
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