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Artist (アーティスト) (omnibus)
Album title (タイトル) Matina Fair Vol.2 Special Message Disc 2nd PRESS
(Matina Fair Vol.2 Special Message Disc 2ndプレス)
Release date2002-01-31
Price5,000 yen
Availability select stores only
Press not for sale
Management Matina
publisher Third Stage
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Tracklisting (収録曲)
Track number Artist Song title
1. Syndrome (comment)
2. EzeːquL (comment)
3. GARDEN (comment)
4. DERAIL (comment)
5. Mist of Rouge (comment)
6. DAS:VASSER (comment)
7. vellaDonna (comment)
8. Madeth gray'll (comment)


  • This omnibus comment CD-R was awarded to those who purchased 5,000 yen's worth of Matina items from 2001-01-31. This press is not signed, but does feature a full-color design printed on the disc.

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