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Artist (アーティスト) (omnibus)
Album title (タイトル) Kaikoroku~Bangaihen~ futuring Birushana
(回顧録~番外編~ futuring 美流沙女)
Release date2003-07-10
Price0 yen
Availability mail-order only
Press complete limited pressing
Management ViRUS
publisher 【kapparecords】
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Tracklisting (収録曲)
Track number Artist Song title
1. Birushana
falling... (Laputa cover)
2. Birushana
Message from Birushana
Message from 美流沙女


  • This CD-R was awarded to those who mailed in proof-of-purchase from all 5 releases in the Birushana (美流沙女) ~Dainiban~ (~第二版~) reissue series. It features a special wrap-around jacket, but no back cover.

    The release is considered a supplement to the omnibus series Kaikoroku (回顧録), which sees various visual bands covering older bands' songs; hence Birushana (美流沙女) covers a song by Laputa. The disc also includes a 40 minute comment from the band, in which the band reminisces about their activity, the recording of various releases, and so on. Former bassist Sara (沙羅) participated in both tracks.
  • Initially, this was announced as a 2-disc release. It's unclear what were the planned contents for the second disc.
  • Applications for the CD-R were accepted from 2003-04-18 through 2003-12-31, with the first copies being mailed on on 2003-07-10. In 2009, distribution company BounDEE purchased the rights to the 【kapprecords】 catalog and re-pressed the entirety of the ~Dainiban~ (~第二版~) series. In accordance, 【kapprecords】 once again accepted applications for this privilege CD from 2009-07-29 through 2001-01-25.

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