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Artist (アーティスト) (omnibus)
Album title (タイトル) GURUGURU COMMENT CD 2001 Tsuika PRESS
(GURUGURU コメントCD 2001 追加プレス)
Release date2001-03-20
Price3,000 yen
Availability select stores only
Press not for sale
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Tracklisting (収録曲)
Track number Artist Song title
1. Ash (comment)
2. S (comment)
3. (comment)
4. Psycho Le Cému (comment)
5. the Night Breeze Zinnia (comment)
6. JURASSIC (comment)
7. Syndrome (comment)
8. Plastic Tree (comment)
9. Poisonous Doll (comment)
10. Vivid (comment)
11. Missing Tear (comment)
12. La'Mule (comment)
13. RESEARCH (comment)
14. wyse (comment)
15. cali≠gari (comment)
16. Kagrra, (comment) (bonus track)
17. MUCC (comment) (bonus track)


  • This comment CD was awarded to those who spent 3,000 yen on items at GURUGURU beginning on 2001-03-20. This is the second press version, which includes additional comments from Kagrra, and MUCC.

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