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Artist (アーティスト) (omnibus)
Album title (タイトル) 「Densetsuhe no Joshou:Ⅰ」 PINK
(「伝説への序章:Ⅰ」 ピンク)
Release date1998-03-20
Price0 yen
FormatPV collection
Availability lives only
Press not for sale
Management Soleil Matina
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Tracklisting (収録曲)
Track number Artist Song title
1. Madeth gray'll Kuroshouzoku NO ShiraBE-short version- (PV)
黒装束ノ調ベ-short version- (PV)
2. Sense of Shape With your lies (live PV)
3. Lavender Refrain (live PV)
4. MIRAGE Silhouette (PV)


  • This is one of three types of VHS freely distributed to attendees of the Matina PRESENTS 1998 event on 1998-03-20 at Osaka (大阪) FANDANGO (all three types feature the same contents but differently-colored labels). It contains live PVs (live footage + studio audio), except for the Madeth gray'll and MIRAGE clips, which feature some non-live footage. The label is printed on a special reflective material.

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