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Artist (アーティスト) Megaromania
Album title (タイトル) THE LEGEND OF CREATION -2013.7.31 SHIBUYA O-EAST- DVD
Release date2013-09-21
Price6,300 yen
Formatlive recording
Availability mail-order only
Press complete limited pressing
Quantity 500
Management (Independent)
publisher Cure
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Tracklisting (収録曲)
Track number Artist Song title
1. Megaromania -OPENING-
2. Megaromania God of Megaromania-Junketsu NO Kokuin-
God of Megaromania-純血ノ刻印-
3. Megaromania Phantom to the past
4. Megaromania Crimson
5. Megaromania APOCALYPSE
6. Megaromania a Revolving Lantern...
7. Megaromania Prologue&Epilogue
8. Megaromania Disillusion on heaven
9. Megaromania -Dr Solo-
10. Megaromania Cardinal Sin
11. Megaromania Bishuu no Kajitsu
12. Megaromania Punish for pain
13. Megaromania Gate of the prophet
14. Megaromania Absolute obedience
15. Megaromania Tragedy
16. Megaromania Zankou -Scent of Perfume-
残香 -Scent of Perfume-
17. Megaromania Sabbath
18. Megaromania Farewell
19. Megaromania Ideal future
20. Megaromania Oath-cross of eternity-
21. Megaromania THE END OF VENGEANCE
22. Megaromania AURORA -destinies of world-


  • This DVD contains footage recorded at Megaromania's last oneman live on 2013-07-31 at Shibuya O-EAST. It will be released exclusively via mail-order through visual kei magazine Cure. Full details about the release will be revealed in the 2013-09-21 volume of Cure.

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