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Artist (アーティスト) garden
Album title (タイトル) Kubitsuri Teien ~HANGING GARDEN~ Shiro
(首吊り庭園 ~HANGING GARDEN~ 白)
Release date1994-12-08
Price1,000 yen
Availability lives only
Management office A&E
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Tracklisting (収録曲)
Track number Artist Song title
1. garden Vamp in ice
2. garden Realize
3. garden 1999
4. garden Sabbat


  • This is the white jacket version of garden's first (and only) demotape, which was sold at lives and at DEAD ONE. It's unclear if this and the black jacket version were released at the same time, or if one is a later press.
  • A few years ago, there was an auction for a “green-colored-jacket limited initial press” version. Unfortunately, that seller had sold some fake releases in the past, so it's unclear if such a version really existed. Since that auction is the only time I've seen a picture or mention of the green version, I'm going to assume it was fake.

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