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Artist (アーティスト) Anjyu'
Album title (タイトル) Anjyu' STAMP RALLY 2007 9 POINT Tokuten Sungeki DVD
(Anjyu' スタンプラリー2007 9ポイント特典寸劇DVD)
Release date2007-05-26
Price0 yen
Availability lives only
Press not for sale
Management HOLIDAY
publisher (Independent)
marketer (Independent)
distributor (Independent)
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Tracklisting (収録曲)
Track number Artist Song title
1. Anjyu' (Comment)
2. Anjyu' (Skit JUKI ver.)
(寸劇 ジュキ ver.)
3. Anjyu' (Skit Yukkie ver.)
(寸劇 ゆっきー ver.)
4. Anjyu' (Skit Yoshi ver.)
(寸劇 Yoshi ver.)
5. Anjyu' (Skit Hina~hina~ ver.)
(寸劇 姫雛~hina~ ver.)


  • This DVD was one of the prizes in an Anjyu' stamp rally conducted from 2007-04-26 through 2007-06-25. Throughout that period, fans would receive a stamp every time they attended an Anjyu' live, and would receive various presents based on the number of stamps acquired.
  • This was the prize for acquiring 9 stamps. It features a short comment, and then four versions of a comedic skit. Each skit consists of three members of Anjyu' acting as reporters and interviewing the fourth member (whom the skit version is named after). With each skit, the members change roles, and the dialogue is slightly different.
  • The other prizes in the stamp rally, in order from 1 stamp to 10 stamps: ① postcard / ② sticker / ③ badge / ④ comment CD / ⑤ poster / ⑥ photoset / ⑦ photograph / ⑧ live DVD / ⑨ skit DVD / ⑩ tour making DVD.
  • Anjyu' also had similar stamp rallies in 2006 and 2008, but further details are unknown.

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