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UNDER CODE's last flyer (for the upcoming Treasure Book) mentions that, starting on June 1st, the official web shop will begin a special fair. Although details of that special fair have not yet been announced, the web shop has already put up some very special items!

  • UNDER CODE last lucky bag (5,250 yen) Includes over 30,000 yen's worth of releases and goods! Also includes a special paper with signatures from the last bands' members (35 signatures in total). Because UNDER CODE has closed, these releases and goods will never be made again, so don't miss your last chance!

  • Backdrops from UNDER CODE concerts (42,000 yen ~ 63,000 yen) Super rare and valuable backdrops that were actually used at UNDER CODE lives. Options include Phantasmagoria's band backdrop, as well as backdrops from Esaka Seiatsu 2009~2010, Nihon Seiatsu 2011~2012, Rin・ne・ten・sei ~A RETURN OF “VISUAL MONSTER”~, and Nihon Seiatsu FINAL -since 2003~2013- (from UNDER CODE's last concert!!). Only one of each in existence!

  • NEGA - THE LAST TIMES FOREVER (1,500 yen) NEGA's last song, available only at their last live. Only 20 copies available.

  • D・N・A photoset (2,100 yen) Photoset of UNDER CODE's last collaboration project 「D・N・A」, which will appear on hide's visual tribute album. Set features UNDER CODE's last bands' vocalists, and KISAKI.

  • ARCHIVES 2003~2013 (12,600 yen) UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's Treasure Book, which collects 10 years of history of the label. Includes the last live DVD, a custom song from special project AD LIBBERS (if purchased before June 2nd), and other privileges.

  • NEGA - NEGATIVISM-WITHOUTRACE- (6,300 yen) Full live DVD of NEGA's last live. It's limited exclusively to the web shop, and will include a signed postcard and special 30 minute DVD if purchased before June 2nd.

  • High Style Paradox 2003~2013 (3,990 yen) UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's last compilation album, featuring all UCP bands. Originally available only through SHOXX mail-order―quantities are limited.


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Tricen / May 05, 2013 Reply
oh my god the backdrop would be so awesome
draincherry2021 / May 05, 2013 Reply
Looks like I'm going to have to find some more work in order to get some of these awesome items.
Vadio / May 05, 2013 Reply
Those are very good offers, and I may sound a little inconvenient, but, are there some news from Vior Gloire? I'm desesperate to know D:
wsp / June 06, 2013 Reply
somebody have buy the lucky bang and want to review what he found inside ?