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Vior gloire to disband

Vior gloire announced at their June 8th oneman that they will disband this year.

Previously, guitarists kei and serra, and drummer ARU announced their intention to secede from the band after its June 9th oneman. At the time, vocalist shall and bassist RENA indicated that they would try to somehow move forward with the band―it seems that they've changed their minds.

Vior gloire's last live will be a free oneman on Jully 11th (tentative), and it appears that the original five-member lineup will perform (with kei, serra, and ARU performing as support members). Further details are expected soon. As for the future: kei has retired, and shall has says that he feels too old to try a new band...

By the way, Vior gloire freely distributed CDs with new songs at the June 8th & 9th oneman. I have the tracklist for the 8th version (below), but I'm not sure if the 9th version was any different. I also haven't been able to find more information than that... sorry.

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Kanon / June 06, 2013 Reply
I had the fear that they'd disband soon.... Really sad news ;____; The worst is Kei and Shall's retirement, by far, bands can disband but you still have the hope for a new project.

I wonder, what's the reason, the UCP's closure or because maybe they were not enough popular?
inartistic / June 06, 2013
For the reason, I think both.

Number 1 is that they were just not popular enough... It seems that the Japanese girls just did not like them. I guess they are not cute enough or charismatic enough. I can certainly understand that the girls will be bored at lives if the boys aren't energetic and sexy... but I wish they could just appreciate the music, which is really good. What a shame that Vior can't be popular even though their music is great.

Anyway, for number 2, I suspect that Vior gloire doesn't really know how to continue without a label (organize lives, releases, find new members, etc.). That's just my personal opinion, but I think that's why shall and RENA ultimately changed their minds about continuing.
Vadio / June 06, 2013 Reply
It's too sad, I really loved their songs. I was hoping that Shall could start a new band, but...oh man, I really like his voice. It's really sad. As for the single, is there any place to donwload it? I expected them to announce disbandment soon, but, oh well...I'm sad T____T
inartistic / June 06, 2013
No place to download or buy the single, that I know of :( And yes, very very sad.
Seraphim / June 06, 2013 Reply
wsp / June 06, 2013 Reply
this disvband isn't a surprised, I think they are no other solution.. bad because they don't express/exploit all their talent, originality...
Hope this last release can be found easily, and why not, inclued in each Lucky Bag