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Vior gloire, SUZAKU, and REALies album updates

SUZAKU (朱) has revealed the cover art and tracklisting of their upcoming (one week!) first full album. The cover art is pretty cool, but the tracklisting includes a SUPER disappointing only 4 new songs. Let's hope that some of the old ones are rerecorded, shall we?

Vior gloire has revealed the tracklisting for their upcoming first full album, but no cover art yet! Contrast to SUZAKU, Vior gloire's album features 14 tracks (originally announced as only having 10!). Four of them are story SE tracks, but the album still features a hefty 8 new songs, and only 2 previously released ones. Go Vior gloire!

Finally, REALies has uploaded samples from their upcoming first full album. Listen below at YouTube and share your thoughts in the comments!


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Seraphim / September 09, 2012 Reply
So proud of Vior Gloire ;o;
Seraphim / September 09, 2012 Reply
fatalcoffin / September 09, 2012 Reply
REALies song is very sound good ! (> <)