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Vior gloire oneman emergency project

Vior gloire will hold their oneman, Vior 2013 Spring Shower, on the 17th at HOLIDAY OSAKA. The band has announced a spur-of-the-moment project: in commemoration of their short time left at UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, Vior gloire will appear in their legendary rejected costumes, for one night only!

Back in 2011, before Vior gloire was officially announced, the UNDER CODE website was secretly updated with a photo of the then-new band. However, once the band officially debuted, they had completely different costumes, and the ones in the original photo were never seen again. These are the “legendary rejected costumes”. You can see the fabled OHP picture below:


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Lestat / March 03, 2013 Reply
I think it is sort of obvious that they did reject them. Gods, they look terrible XD
Seraphim / March 03, 2013 Reply
They are being removed from the Visual-kei holy grail, hopefully along with the rumored La Feerie demo tapes and Hisui's corpse.