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Vior gloire album privileges

Vior gloire, who is releasing their first full album on October 24th, has also released the privilege list for their upcoming CD. Which store do you think gives the best privilege?

  • UNDER CODE PRODUCTION OFFICIAL WEB SHOP personalized comment DVD + signed cheki of member of your choice
  • Like an Edison comment DVD + song explanation comment CD
  • PureSound live DVD
  • CROSS CAT comment DVD
  • Jishuban Club comment DVD + photoset + group photo
  • Brand X comment DVD + photocard set + group photo card
  • little HEARTS. comment DVD + group photo
  • fiveStars comment DVD


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loup0 / August 08, 2012 Reply
I definitely want the live DVD!! It\'s just too bad we can\'t know how many songs are included.
The songs explanation comment CD sounds interesting too.
inartistic / August 08, 2012
Jishuban Club\'s privilege live DVDs are almost always only 1 song. So I dunno if that affects your decision!

But yeah, I\'m the same: the explanation CD sounds sooo interesting―but since I couldn\'t understand it anyway.... I\'ll probably buy the album from PureSound.
loup0 / August 08, 2012
OK so i'll buy it from Like an Edison and i'll try my best to translate the CD.
inartistic / August 08, 2012
OK!! That sounds awesome. If you can remember, hit me up around the time of the release and I'll share the live DVD with you (assuming I'll be able to buy it!)