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VANITAS covers and sample

The cover art for NEGA's upcoming album, VANITAS, has been revealed―and it looks great!! The A type features the familiar image of vocalist JIN nude and bloodied, while the B type features an homage to classic icons in visual kei. Check them both out below (click the titles to view bigger versions).

It seems to me that NEGA intends this album to be an exploration/reflection of visual kei, past and present. I'm becoming more and more excited by the day! But what about you? Are you excited?


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visualkrocker / May 05, 2012 Reply
OMG OMG jsknsjs xDD I can't help but spazz!! I'm so looking forward to this album!! Bought both types and with the covers it is so worth it!! Ahhh and thank your fir tge extended preview!! Sich a long title xD;; but it sounds epic! This album will be epic!!