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UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has closed・・・ In memorial of 10 years of this legendary and unorthodox label, a new bible will be released: ARCHIVES 2003~2013. Furthermore, this timeless collector's item will include UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's last live DVD!!

UNDER CODE's “treasure book” is called ARCHIVES 2003~2013 and will be released on June 20th, 2013, through the label's official web shop. The book will collect 128 full color pages, and will cost 12,600 yen. The book will feature 6 major sections, but will also include a two-point special privilege, as well as a web shop limited privilege:

  1. A great number of artists' official photos
  2. Exclusive live report of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION last event Nihon Seiatsu FINAL -since 2003~2013- 2013.5.03 at Osaka BIG CAT
  3. Extensive biography and discography files for all signed artists
  4. Personal interviews: Ray (NEGA) × CO- (F・B) / SAN (NEGA) × Maaya (CindyKate) / YUUI (CindyKate) × Rayka (REALies) / KANATA (LIN) × Misery (Megaromania) / RIKU (LIN) × JIN (NEGA) × Yamada Takafumi (UCP staff)
  5. 10 years' worth of private offshot photos, about 700 in total
  6. KISAKI's last interview
  7. ...and more
  1. Application ticket to special project exclusively for purchasers (application deadline: 2013-07-20)
  2. Complete live DVD (over 3 hours of footage) of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION last event Nihon Seiatsu FINAL -since 2003~2013- 2013.5.03 at Osaka BIG CAT
  • Unique, only-one-in-the-world special CD by Ray (NEGA) × CO- (F・B) special unit AD LIBBERS (アドリヴァーズ), in which they create a completely original song based on the title you specify

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Vadio / May 05, 2013 Reply
Awesome stuff, and very sad that UCP has finally closed :(
By the way, will this blog continue, even with UCP end? Like, to give us news about new members project, what's going on with the bands that didn't disband or entered in hiatus (mainly Lin), things like this...
inartistic / May 05, 2013
Yes, it will, precisely like you said. I'll follow the bands as long as they last, and KISAKI. I really hope that he'll open a new label at some point, but we'll see... Besides the news part, I still want to finish the discography, and artist biographies, etc. So, although UNDER CODE is closed, there's still a lot of work to do!
Vadio / May 05, 2013
I hope for a new label too. I think after Lin enter in hiatus, KISAKI will take the time to organize things, and open a new label, and bring back Lin. If Lin disbands, I think he may start a new band anyway, but I'm not sure Riku would be the vocal this time...I just hope none of them go out of musical activities. Well, let's just wait and see what is to come!
Vadio / May 05, 2013
Naminou / May 05, 2013 Reply
I saw yesterday on the UCP OHP a banner where there contained "SOON A NEW UNDER CODE PRODUCTION CEO WEBSITE" with some new photos on the banner welcome animaton.. But today all has disappeared.. xD I wonder what it was.
inartistic / May 05, 2013
Ah, maybe you accidentally clicked English version of the OHP? It has that, plus very old pictures... it was abandoned in 2009, lol!
Naminou / May 05, 2013
Ah~ ! That's it ! I'm so sorry >..<' xD
draincherry2021 / May 05, 2013 Reply
Oh come on! I think I'm going to go broke before this year is out with all these final releases. lol
Lestat / May 05, 2013 Reply
Deffo gonna buy this, though. Can't miss out on it.
Amour_Fantastiq / May 05, 2013 Reply
Ordered! :D

It will be an awesome item! I wonder what will be the special project…