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UNDER CODE PRODUCTION memorial omnibus

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced that, in collaboration with SHOXX, it will release its 10th anniversary memorial last omnibus, High Style Paradox 2003~2013. The mail-order-limited omnibus will be released in March, and will feature all significant bands (32 in total) signed to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION throughout its 10 years of activity.

Those who purchase the omnibus before February 28th will receive a special 24 month calendar.

Because the omnibus is mail-order-limited through SHOXX, it will not be available to overseas customers via usual means. However, I organize a group order as soon as I find a viable shopping service—expect a separate with details.

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Mr.0 / January 01, 2013 Reply
I will probably be part of that group order too! Thanks for doing it again! :D
Amour_Fantastiq / January 01, 2013 Reply
I wish there would be never-before released songs!
inartistic / January 01, 2013
Me too!
lucid kenesis / January 01, 2013 Reply
I can't afford it but I'm not going to pass this opportunity up. Yes, I want it. Count me in
vnunn / January 01, 2013 Reply
Count me in too!!