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UNDER CODE 2013 lucky bags

UNDER CODE has finally announced New Year lucky bags for 2013! If you've never heard of these, they're basically grab bags―for a certain price, you get a large, but random selection of UCP items.

This year, the lucky bags are available in three different prices: the 3,500 yen version (which contains goods worth 18,000 yen); the 5,000 yen version (worth 30,000); and the 10,000 yen version (worth 35,000).

All three types include a message DVD, the annual UCP New Year postcard, and a calendar. However, the top-tier 10,000 yen version also includes an article of clothing or accessory from recent UCP session bands!

3,500 yen version
5,000 yen version
10,000 yen version

(By the way, if you're not sure which type to buy, consider this: the worth of the 3,500 ver vs. the 5,000 yen ver is quite different, even though the price isn't; on the other hand, the 10,000 yen ver is double the price of the 5,000 yen ver, but isn't worth much more. So, it seems like the middle tier might be the best bargain!)


I'm definitely buying at least one lucky bag. If you'd like to join in on an order, feel free to contact me!


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Tricen / December 12, 2012 Reply
why just now when i don't have money ;~; i want one!
jellyfishryutarou / December 12, 2012 Reply
I do believe I want one <3
jellyfishryutarou / December 12, 2012 Reply
I do believe I want one <3
haru_ryuichi / December 12, 2012 Reply
have you already ordered lucky bag? I would like to join!
Mr.0 / January 01, 2013 Reply
Is this still OK to order a lucky bag with you? I TOTALLY want the 5 000¥ one!
Kanon / January 01, 2013 Reply
I sent you a message about it :)
wsp / June 06, 2013 Reply
poeple who have buy it can make review ? i'm curious about what you receive ^^