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「the end of corruption world」 up for order

LIN memorial best box, the end of corruption world, is available for preorder through the official web shop.

The cover has also been revealed―but the proportions are wrong for a standard jewel case or tallcase. Considering there's nothing unorthodox included in the set (eg. a charm), this seems like a really “uneconomical” design choice, which is so unlike KISAKI... (For what it's worth, I expected a 4-disc jewel case, coupled with a jewel-case-sized booklet, contained within a cardboard sleeve [à la Independent MAZE, or D's Name of the ROSE]. I guess we'll see how that works out.)

Some other minor details gleaned from the web shop's preorder listing:
  • Price with tax is 10,800 yen
  • They've explicitly stated that it comes with two DVD discs.
  • The DVDs are now described as “all songs from the performance included” (公演を全曲収録) [it also implies, imo, that MCs are not included]. Previous listings said “60 minutes from the performance included” (公演より60分収録).
  • The personalized message DVD, from member of your choice, is limited to those who preorder by 2016-01-31. The set will still be for sale after that, just sans privilege.
  • I mentioned it previously, but again: each copy includes an unsigned trading postcard, of 12 total (versus a signed trading sticker, of 6 total, as initially announced).

And finally, the band has released a new flyer―though an image from KISAKI's blog implies that there's another one coming.


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