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THE BLACK SWAN 「OUSIA」 full version details

A few details have emerged regarding the full release of THE BLACK SWAN's album, OUSIA!

Unlike the live-distributed version, this one's just called OUSIA (tho Brand X seems to disagree), and will be released in two types: TYPE A w/ RUVISH PV, and TYPE B w/ two bonus tracks.

There's only a partial tracklist in the release info―THE HOPELESS, Ushinai, Kagune-justitia-, [S]TRIPPER, and DEJECTED RAIN―with others TBA. But I'm pretty sure that OUSIA, THE WORLD IS MY ROOM, and BLIND DAYS are still included (sloppy copywriting from Terakoya?). At this point, it seems like the only new songs are on B TYPE, which isn't quite what I expected... but I guess we'll see once more details are released :)


By the way, this text “「[S]TRIPPER」をギター、ベースをリレコーディング、そしてフルリミックスで収録” just means that [S]TRIPPER has rerecorded guitar and bass, and is remixed. That was already true of the OUSIA-dispersed- version―THE BLACK SWAN is not rerecording the song for a second time. This also does not mean that the entire album is fully remixed... just [S]TRIPPER, and, again, it's the same remix that appeared on OUSIA-dispersed-.


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