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THE BLACK SWAN full album tracklist up

THE BLACK SWAN has revealed the tracklist for their live-distributed full album, OUSIA-dispersed-.

There are 5 new songs in total:

It features the title tracks from their four singles, plus a new version of the live-distributed song [S]TRIPPER (with re-recorded guitar and bass, and a full remix). DEJECTED RAIN, a composition of guitarist MAKOTO (誠), is included with a new arrangement (than what is heard live). Although they don't mention which titles this applies to, the “ultra hard” first compositions of bassist RENA and guitarist ITSUKI (樹) are included, along with an 11 minute “musical life's masterpiece” by vocalist JIN (儿).

As a reminder, this album will be freely distributed to attendees of the band's 2016-01-05 special oneman, Judge the Value, at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA. Tickets have no set price―attendees are asked to pay, after the live, whatever amount they felt the performance was worth. Those who buy a 3,000 yen premium ticket will further receive an OUSIA booklet.

By the way, a live clip of the band will broadcast on TV channel TBS program TOKOTON Horisagetai! Ikimono ni THANK YOUU!! SP (トコトン掘り下げ隊!生き物にサンキュー!!SP) on 2015-12-23 from 18:30.


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